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A favicon creates a more professional website appearance. Bookmarks with favicons are more likely to be noticed. Desktop shortcuts with a custom favicon appear as great advertisements unlike generic "E" icons. So why not go all the way in promoting your website or blog? Find out more about my money back guarantee or view some custom examples.

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Where will I see my favicon?

Do you see the green smiley face graphic next to the URL at the top of this page? I'm sure you've seen the same small graphics next to websites in your tabbed browsing bar or alongside sites that you've saved in your favorites. Most professional websites have one of these graphics which are called favicons, website icons, page icons or urlicons. The term favicon is obviously a combination of "favorites" and "icon".

Have you ever wished you could display one of these favorites icons when people visited your website or when people saved your site to their favorites? Did you know that an .ico file will also allow your favicon to display as a shortcut graphic if visitors drag your url to their desktop? It is very simple to set up a favicon and this website offers free favicon graphics for you to use.

What is a favicon? A favicon is a special .ico graphic file format. It can contain multiple resolutions and color depths, but this is generally not necessary for most websites. An .ico file will display a 16x16 graphic in a web browser and a 32x32 graphic when placed on a desktop as a shortcut. Although less flexible, some modern browsers allow for the use of .gif and .png files as well.