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Free Insect Favicons for your Website

Insects:  Insects and bugs seem like a perfect fit to me for a favicon because of their small size. View two sizes of each favicon below and select your favorite. If you want a special favicon for your blog or business, order a custom favicon.

These graphics are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0. You are free to use the graphics by simply providing credit somehow on your site.

ladybug red head
ladybug black head
ladybug black
yellow butterfly
black butterfly
blue butterfly
orange butterfly
purple butterfly
red butterfly

Instructions: You can right click and save any of the small or large graphics above. They are both the same special favicon graphic shown in two different sizes. The small favicon size will appear in the address bar of a browser and beside your link in someone's favorites. The large favicon will automatically display if someone drags your URL from their browser to their desktop.